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Trip Advisor Rakuten Four Seasons Office Depot Serta 99designs schneider 1password McKinsey Lowes South Australia Canada Emirates European Commission Taboola Target Tesco University of Utah Victoria State Workable
140,000 Qualified Testers from all over the world
500+ Happy Clients Use Userfeel for a better website or app

Why Userfeel?

Size of user tester pool
Recruitment of testers
Unlimited screener questions
Unmoderated and Moderated User Tests
Video highlight reels
No subscription needed
No additional monthly fees
Usually less
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Do you really know your users issues and needs?

Userfeel makes it easy for to quickly discover the main issues, doubts, hesitations, pain points and needs of your target audience. Not just bug fixes.
Watch examples of what user testing with our tool reveals:

English user test on desktop

English user test on mobile

English user test on desktop

English user test on mobile

Brazilian user test on desktop

Swedish user test on desktop

Polish user test on mobile

Hindi user test on desktop

What’s included for every user test

  • Recruitment of user testers matching the demographics and screener questions you request (many other user testing tools force you to recruit your own user testers or don’t offer screener questions)
  • Video recording of user tester completing questions and tasks on your website, app or prototype (ideal for understanding their main issues, needs, frustrations and doubts – not just bugs)
  • Audio of user tester in the video recording, voice transcript, ‘system usability scale’ rating and test summary
  • The ability to add annotations and share highlight videos with your team

A better user testing tool. No subscription needed. Screener questions included. Unlike other tools.

Simply pay per user test from our panel of more than 140,000 testers speaking 40 languages. Set up screener questions and demographics to ensure they match your target audience.

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User testing on any device

Test on desktop, mobile, or tablet. Testing with both our app and an external camera allows us to test websites or applications on Android, iPhone, or iPad.

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Userfeel has the advanced features without needing an expensive subscription.

Get your results often in 24 hours. Use our vast network of testers throughout the world. See how real users interact with your website or app early on in your design process and anytime you need to get the user's point of view and feedback from them.
To ensure you get feedback from user testers that exactly match your target audience, we offer the ability to choose demographics (age, gender, location, language and level of web experience), and screener questions to get specific with your needs (for example if you only want users who have purchased shoes online before)
Organize your tests neatly into projects, and add as many team members to each project as you need. Each team member can add annotations to videos and categorize issues based on their type (usability issue, bug, general observation, or user comment).
The best way to present the results of your usability studies to your team and have team buy-in is to create a highlights video showing the most critical issues. Userfeel helps you create this video in minutes rather than hours. The video can be downloaded locally or automatically uploaded to your YouTube account as unlisted, ready to share.

Our Clients Love Userfeel

Overall, setting up a test on your platform was as-easy or easier than the competitors. Creating rating scale questions was super awesome; having templated labels for the scale was very helpful.

Your keyboard shortcuts were excellent and easy to use. I particularly found the combination of spacebar, a, and shift+left-arrow helpful in placing annotations. I also used shift+up/down arrow for speed control. Keeping my hands on the keyboard while reviewing and annotating videos is crucial. Anything that makes me use the mouse during that process feels inefficient and slow.

Userfeel is great! It allows us to get quick and helpful feedback on new concepts. It's easy to use and the support is great.

We all know websites like Usertesting. Great, but I don't need/want a subscription service and I'm not "enterprise".

I recently ordered some website-testing (for remote users and my own native testers) from the guys of A small crew of designers/developers in Greece. They really take the time to help and offer a great service. No need for subscriptions ;-) I was really surprised by the level of support and felt like sharing!

I really like your task builder and how it makes it very obvious for the tester what do to. Good job! I am pretty much blown away right now!

Wanted to send you a quick note that I think the analysis functionality is really nice and easy to use :)

Your platform seems to have been a great experience for all. I greatly thank you for the personal attention and look forward to using UserFeel again soon!

I've worked with a lot of different user testing websites but is my number one choice. The interface is really easy to work with and I really appreciate being able to conduct the tests in any language. The customer service with is also excellent. Any time I've got a question or concern, they're super fast and helpful.

Userfeel met my need for a simple user testing application on reasonable pricing without subscriptions or expensive packages. The team was great and responded quickly to all of my questions and requests. The quality of the testers recruited by Userfeel was also very good and exactly what I was looking for. I will definitely use Userfeel again!

Why do user testing?

  • Helps you understand your visitors issues, paint points, frustrations, doubts, needs and desires. Discovering this helps form high-impact ideas for improving your website conversion rates and revenue.
  • Helps you discover bugs that you didn’t know had on desktop and mobile, and on different browser types. Fixing these quickly will help you reduce exit and bounce rates, and increase conversion rates.
  • Gaining feedback from your target audience in user testing is much better than just guessing what to improve (which often does not give very good results).
  • Web analytics and click map tools only tell you ‘what’ happened on your website, not ‘why’ it happened. User testing helps you understand that very important aspect of your visitors journey on you website.
  • A/B testing tools help you find the best converting variations of your website, but they don’t tell you why your visitors actual prefer them, or what they don’t like about them. User testing helps you discover this.

Userfeel vs. Heatmaps

Heatmaps show you where users click and what attracts their attention, they don't show you WHY though. User testing, on the other hand, shows you WHY they get attracted, what they expect when they click, and what confuses them.

Userfeel vs. A/B Testing

Userfeel allows you to find real users' problems and develop informed hypotheses in order to run more focused and targeted A/B tests. So, user testing precedes a/b testing.

How many usability tests should I do?

Usability gurus suggest 5 tests per device type (desktop, mobile, tablet) are enough to reveal about 80% of existing problems with any website at any given point, and for a particular test scenario.


Average percentage of problems solved

Based on a Nielsen Norman Group study.

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