Discovering Hidden Insights: The Importance of Usability Testing for Website Owners

Improving a website

As a website owner, it can be tempting to skip usability testing. After all, you may feel confident that your website looks great and functions well. However, the reality is that without proper testing, you could be missing out on valuable insights that can make your website even better. Thankfully, there are easy-to-use, economical solutions like Userfeel that can make usability testing accessible to everyone.

Here are some reasons why website owners may be tempted to skip usability testing, and why it's important to do it anyway:

"I know what my customers want"

As a website owner, you may feel that you know exactly what your customers want and need from your website. However, assumptions can be dangerous. Usability testing allows you to gather concrete data about how users interact with your website, and whether or not their expectations are being met.

"Usability testing is expensive"

It is true that usability testing is expensive but Userfeel is an affordable option. The platform offers an easy-to-use testing tool, along with a network of testers who can provide valuable feedback on your website. Bear in mind that the cost of not performing usability testing can be much higher, as users may become frustrated with your website and choose one of your competitors.

"My website looks good, so it must be usable"

Aesthetics are important, but they don't always translate into usability. Usability testing can reveal issues with navigation, content organization, and other elements that may not be immediately apparent.

So, what happens when website owners use a platform like to run usability tests? Here are some common insights that can be gained:

Navigation issues

One of the most common issues revealed through usability testing is navigation problems. Users may have difficulty finding the information they need or may become frustrated by confusing menus or links. By identifying these issues, website owners can make adjustments to improve the overall user experience.

Content organization

Usability testing can also reveal issues with content organization. Users may become overwhelmed by too much information on a single page or may have difficulty finding the specific information they need. By reorganizing content, website owners can improve the readability and usability of their websites.

User preferences

Finally, usability testing can reveal user preferences that may not have been considered previously. For example, users may prefer a certain layout or color scheme or may be drawn to specific types of content. By understanding these preferences, website owners can make targeted changes that improve the user experience.

In conclusion, while it may be tempting to skip usability testing, website owners who use platforms like Userfeel can gain valuable insights that can make their website even better. By identifying issues with navigation, content organization, and user preferences, website owners can make targeted changes that improve the overall user experience, without breaking the bank.

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