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Trip Advisor Rakuten Four Seasons Office Depot Serta 99designs schneider 1password McKinsey Lowes South Australia Canada Emirates European Commission Taboola Target Tesco University of Utah Victoria State Workable
140,000 Qualified 测试人员 from all over the world
500+ Happy Clients Use Userfeel for a better website or app

Why Userfeel?

Size of user tester pool
Recruitment of testers
Unlimited screener questions
Unmoderated and Moderated User Tests
Video highlight reels
No subscription needed
No additional monthly fees
Usually less
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Do you really know your users issues and needs?

Userfeel makes it easy for to quickly discover the main issues, doubts, hesitations, pain points and needs of your target audience. Not just bug fixes.
Watch examples of what user testing with our tool reveals:

English user test on desktop

English user test on mobile

English user test on desktop

English user test on mobile

Brazilian user test on desktop

Swedish user test on desktop

Polish user test on mobile

Hindi user test on desktop

What’s included for every user test

  • Recruitment of user testers matching the demographics and screener questions you request (many other user testing tools force you to recruit your own user testers or don’t offer screener questions)
  • Video recording of user tester completing questions and tasks on your website, app or prototype (ideal for understanding their main issues, needs, frustrations and doubts – not just bugs)
  • Audio of user tester in the video recording, voice transcript, ‘system usability scale’ rating and test summary
  • The ability to add annotations and share highlight videos with your team

A better user testing tool. No subscription needed. Screener questions included. Unlike other tools.

Simply pay per user test from our panel of more than 140,000 testers speaking 40 languages. Set up screener questions and demographics to ensure they match your target audience.

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可以在台式电脑、手机或平板电脑上进行测试。使用我们的应用程序和外置摄像头进行测试时,还可以在安卓系统、iPhone或iPad 上测试网站或应用程序。

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Userfeel has the advanced features without needing an expensive subscription.

To ensure you get feedback from user testers that exactly match your target audience, we offer the ability to choose demographics (age, gender, location, language and level of web experience), and screener questions to get specific with your needs (for example if you only want users who have purchased shoes online before)
您可以将测试妥当地组织到项目中,并根据需要向每个项目添加尽可能多的团队成员。 每位团队成员可以在视频上添加注释,并且按照问题类型(可用性问题、缺陷、综合观察或用户评论),对发现的问题进行分类。
向团队展示可用性研究成果及提高团队认同程度的最好方法是创建精彩视频,列出最关键的问题。 Userfeel帮助您在几分钟内、而不是几个小时内创建该类视频,并能本地下载视频,或者把视频自动上传至未登录的YouTube账户,与别人共享。

Our Clients Love Userfeel









我使用过许多不同的用户测试网站,但userfeel.com绝对是我的首选。其界面使用方便,我非常高兴能够使用任何语言进行测试。 userfeel.com的客户服务也非常出色。回答我的问题或疑虑总是异常迅速且帮助很大。


Why do user testing?

  • Helps you understand your visitors issues, paint points, frustrations, doubts, needs and desires. Discovering this helps form high-impact ideas for improving your website conversion rates and revenue.
  • Helps you discover bugs that you didn’t know had on desktop and mobile, and on different browser types. Fixing these quickly will help you reduce exit and bounce rates, and increase conversion rates.
  • Gaining feedback from your target audience in user testing is much better than just guessing what to improve (which often does not give very good results).
  • Web analytics and click map tools only tell you ‘what’ happened on your website, not ‘why’ it happened. User testing helps you understand that very important aspect of your visitors journey on you website.
  • A/B testing tools help you find the best converting variations of your website, but they don’t tell you why your visitors actual prefer them, or what they don’t like about them. User testing helps you discover this.

Userfeel vs. Heatmaps

Heatmaps show you where users click and what attracts their attention, they don't show you WHY though. User testing, on the other hand, shows you WHY they get attracted, what they expect when they click, and what confuses them.

Userfeel vs. A/B Testing

Userfeel allows you to find real users' problems and develop informed hypotheses in order to run more focused and targeted A/B tests. So, user testing precedes a/b testing.




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Based on a Nielsen Norman Group study.

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