Customer FAQ

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Getting your site tested is easy and quick. Read all the details below.

What can do for me?

Our usability testing service can quickly and cheaply show you what troubles your website's visitors, what prevents them from doing what they come to your site for. For only $59 per usability test, you can watch an actual user's mouse movements, as he/she is trying to use your website. At the same time, you'll be listening to their continuous flow of spoken comments!

What's special about

  • A multilingual network of user testers at your disposal.
  • The once-off payment of $59 per test with NO further monthly or annual fee!
  • The ability to test websites, mobile apps, prototypes.

What do I get for $59?

  • A video of one usability tester using your website, with his/her voice comments, and their mouse movements around your site.
  • The tester's written answers to the questions you have asked when posting your project.

How soon will I get the results?

Usually within 24 hours, depending on your preferred demographics.

Besides websites and apps, can I also test prototypes?

Yes, you can also test prototypes hosted in Figma, Invision or any other prototyping tool. Just enter the prototype URL as the starting URL of your test and make sure that this URL is publicly accessible.

Who is for?

Besides Website Owners, it is used by Web Designers, Web Developers, Internet Marketers and Web Consultants who want to open their eyes to the real world of their site's or internet market's users.

What does a usability tester do?

They follow your instructions specified in your brief assignment scenario, to accomplish a task using your website. While doing that, they will be speaking their thoughts out (problems, questions, or what prevents them to easily do what you've asked). Meanwhile, you can watch their mouse moving through your site.

How many usability tests should I do?

Usability gurus suggest 5 tests per device type (desktop, mobile, tablet) are enough to reveal about 80% of existing problems with any website at any given point, and for a particular test scenario.

When is the best time to do my first usability testing?

Now, today, the sooner the better. If your website is still just on paper, scan the rough sketch, load it on your server and give us the URL. Our testers will save you a tremendous amount of working hours for endless web team meetings and corrections!

On the other hand, even if your site has been on the Internet for some time, a few usability tests will reveal basic problems "invisible" to website owners, designers or company people familiarized with your website.

Will I have different usability testers for each test I do?

Yes. Actually, you need a fresh view, and you can only get it with different testers. The default setting when you create your test, prevents users to take more than one test on your website.

Can I have my own users as testers?

Yes. When you setup your test, you have the option to use your own users. When using your own users, the test time limit increases from 20 minutes to 60 minutes. Your users don't need to register on our platform. We provide you with 2 links to pass to them. One to install our recording app (it takes less than 1 minute) and one to start the test. It's super easy and slick.

Can I test my competitors' websites?

In fact, you can test any website. You can even have a tester compare two different websites—for instance, your website against a competitor's—and see which one they go for and why. In such case, write one of the websites in the URL field, and the other in your task assignment. Contact us in order to help you setup such scenarios.

Can I watch the testers use a credit card?

There are two ways you can do that:

1. Tell the user testers to go through buying your product with fake details or

2. Give them a dummy credit card number and fake personal details to use in the scenario field.

Will I get an invoice?

Yes. You'll receive an invoice by email, 1-2 days following your payment.

What do I do to get a refund?

If you are not completely satisfied with our service, or if a video was not perfect, please contact us within 7 days for an immediate refund or replacement.

Can I send the results of my tests to other recipients?

Yes. You can share the URL of the usability test result page with your business associates, or any other person of your choice. You can also add as many members of your team on each of your projects.

When is the best time to run my next usability test?

When you correct what the testers have suggested in your previous usability test, we suggest you proceed to your next usability test. This will show you if your corrections were in the right direction to help the users.

Furthermore, you can run other tests with different tasks. There's always room for improvement on a site, no matter how 'perfect' it may seem. Periodical usability testing will eventually make your site truly usable.

How can I become a tester and earn money by testing websites and apps?

If you don't want to test your website or app, but instead you want to become a tester and help test other people's websites and apps and get paid, please head over to the testers FAQ page.


If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us. Otherwise, post your project.