The best times to do user testing for gaining insights

The best times to do user testing for gaining insights

When was the last time you did user testing to discover bugs on your website or app, and the issues, doubts and hesitations of your users? And how often do you do it?

You certainly shouldn’t just do it as a one time project or maybe once a year.

To maximize the feedback and insights you get from your users, these are the best times to do user testing on your websites and apps:

On prototypes for your proposed designs

It's always better to get feedback earlier in your design process, as it's much easier and quicker to make changes before launch - and is a more efficient use of development time and resources! You can easily test your prototypes in Userfeel by sharing the URL of your prototypes in Figma, Adobe XD or whatever tool that use. I recommend creating interactive clickable prototypes, not just static images, as sharing those you will get even better and more feedback.

On any new major products or services launched

Launching a new product or service line? After it has launched, do user testing to find out what your users think of them. In particular, ask what information is missing, what they don't understand, what their biggest doubts/hesitations are, and if they wouldn’t purchase it, what are the main reasons why. The insights and feedback you gain from this will often result in high-impact improvement ideas. For example, you may discover they don’t understand your returns policy or a key feature, so you would make those much clearer to help them purchase, therefore increasing your conversion rates.

On any changes to your navigation or user experience

Don't just presume your users will understand or find it easy to use your fancy new mega-menu or interactive elements on your homepage or product page. Quite often they won’t! Therefore you should do user testing on any significant changes to your user experience, particularly navigation, to discover what they find difficult to use or don't understand. Then you one discover that, you make improvements based on the most common feedback. You should do this for your navigation on both mobile and desktop, as the experience and potential issues will be different on both.

On your user's whole website journey every 6 months

Don't just do user testing on your whole website once and then move on. UX and user testing is not just a one-off project! Do it a few times a year to get further feedback from users, as not only will your website evolve, your user’s needs will also evolve. And your competitor’s websites may also improve and raise the standard of what your users expect - so your website will need to improve too, or you will risk losing many sales to your competitors!

So if you haven’t done user testing on your website or app in the last year, now is an ideal to time to do it and gain feedback to improve your user experience and conversion rates. We are here for you!

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