Userfeel's New Beta Feature: AI Summaries in Usability Tests for speed & accuracy

AI-Generated summaries

Userfeel is evolving and this means that we are continuously improving our platform to meet our customers’ needs and provide solutions. We're excited to introduce another powerful feature in our user testing platform, powered by AI. This beta feature automatically generates concise summaries of each user test, helping to streamline the user testing process and enhancing your ability to gather actionable insights as quickly and accurately as it gets. Here’s what you can expect:

Comprehensive Overviews

The AI scans the entire transcription of your user test video recording and distills the key points, providing you with a summarized overview of the user's experience and feedback. This allows you to quickly grasp the main points without reading through lengthy transcriptions or spending hours watching the videos.

AI Summary

Highlighted Main Parts

Beyond summarizing, Userfeel’s AI beta feature identifies and highlights the most critical parts of the user test. Whether it’s a user struggling with a particular feature or expressing satisfaction with a specific aspect, these highlights ensure that the most relevant insights are front and center.

Highlighted Parts

Timestamps for Precision and Context

Userfeel’s AI summary feature also enhances the user test videos with timestamps linked directly to the summarized content. By clicking on a timestamp, you can jump directly to the relevant part of the video. This context provides a deeper understanding of the user's feedback, capturing nuances that might be lost in text alone.


Our team has been working hard to develop new tools to ensure Userfeel is your solution for user testing made easy and quick. Feel free to reach out with your feedback and suggestions on what features you'd like to see next!

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