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Easy user testing without needing a subscription.

Get revealing videos of real people interacting with your website, mobile application or prototype.

Step into your users' shoes, discover insights and diagnose usability issues starting as low as $30.

Trusted by over 700 organizations

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Use Userfeel for a better website or app

Do you really know your users & and their issues?

Userfeel makes it easy to discover the issues, doubts, hesitations and needs of your target audience. Not just bug fixes.
Watch examples of what user testing with our tool reveals:
English user test on desktop
Simulate an online purchase from
English user test on desktop
Perform a usability test on Hertz's online booking experience.
Mimi Hearing Technologies
English app user test on iPhone
Test an iPhone application using tester's own device.
Unbound Merino
English moderated test on desktop
Moderated testing recording the reactions of the tester.
St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School
English user test on mobile
Performing a general impressions test to a school's website.
DH Marketing
Brazilian user test on desktop
Swedish user test on desktop
Media Markt
Polish user test on mobile

How Userfeel helped Justin Baker to test his website with real users and improve it

No subscription needed and unlimited screener questions included - unlike other tools!

Test setup screen

Simply pay per user test from our panel of more than 1 million testers speaking 40 languages. Set up screener questions and demographics to ensure they match your target audience.

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What’s included with every user test

We give you everything you need to successfully create and analyze your user tests.


Recruitment of user testers matching the demographics and screener questions you request
Video Recording


Video recording of user tester completing questions and tasks on your website, app or prototype
Audio of user


Audio of user tester in the video recording, voice transcript, ‘system usability scale’ rating and test summary


To ensure you get feedback from user testers that exactly match your target audience, we offer the ability to choose demographics (age, gender, location, language and level of web experience), and screener questions to get specific with your needs (for example if you only want users who have purchased shoes online before)


Each team member can add annotations to videos and categorize issues based on their type (usability issue, bug, general observation, or user comment).

Highlight Videos

The best way to present the results of your usability studies to your team and have team buy-in is to create a highlights video showing the most critical issues. Userfeel helps you create this video in minutes rather than hours. The video can be downloaded locally or automatically uploaded to your YouTube account as unlisted, ready to share.


The ability to add annotations and share highlight videos with your team
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Why do user testing?

Why not run heatmaps or A/B tests instead?

How many usability tests should I do?

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