Multilingual usability


Test any site in any language. Our panel consists of more than 130,000 testers speaking 40 languages. You can even have testers provide comments in your language while testing a website that is in a language you don't understand.

Usability test on tablet Usability test on mobile

Test on any device

Test on desktop, mobile, or tablets. Testing with both our app and an external camera allows us to test websites or applications on Android, iPhone, or iPad.

Invite team members into your project


Organize your tests neatly into projects, and add as many team members to each project as you need.

Each team member can add annotations to videos and categorize issues based on their type (usability issue, bug, general observation, or user comment).

Create useful Highlights Videos

Highlights videos

The best way to present the results of your usability studies to your team and have team buy-in is to create a highlights video showing the most critical issues.

Userfeel helps you create this video in minutes rather than hours. The video can be downloaded locally or automatically uploaded to your YouTube account as unlisted, ready to share.

Easily create your demographics criteria


Filter testers by various demographic criteria like age, gender, country, language, and level of web experience.

Set pre test Screener questions

Screener questions

Use screener questions to filter the testing panel in more detail. For example, you can create a screener question that asks whether the testers have recently bought products from your industry and only allow them to take your test if they have.

Use your own testers

Use your own testers

With Userfeel you can use your own panel of testers. We will provide you with a special link that you can send to whoever you want to take the test. No registration is required for this process.

Tasks, ratings, questions

Tasks, ratings, questions

Create as many questions, tasks, and ratings as you like, using various formats. This allows you to make the testing process as controlled as possible and get the insights you need.

Get your websites usability scale


SUS (System Usability Scale) is a 0-100 number that reflects the perceived usability of your website, calculated through a 10-item questionnaire. SUS is found to have a high correlation with user loyalty and likelihood to recommend (LTR). An SUS score of 80 or more indicates that users will recommend the website, while an SUS score of 70 or less suggests that users will disparage it.

You receive this metric for each test session you run through Userfeel along with the average SUS score from all tests. This allows you to measure how the SUS rating of your website evolves over time, and also quickly pinpoint test sessions the user had a hard time completing.

Automatic voice transcription

Voice transcription

Userfeel supports automatic voice transcription for all languages using the Google Speech API. You can search within the transcript and even click on any sentence to jump to a particular point in the video.

Upload to YouTube

Upload to YouTube

Download videos locally or upload them to your YouTube account as unlisted to easily share them with your coworkers.

Create video annotations

Video annotations

Make annotations to document your observations while watching test session videos. We have worked hard to make this process quick and easy. The export feature creates a data log of all tasks and annotations, ready to embed in your reports.

Easy reporting

Easy reporting

We made it easy to export results, create reports and share them with your team. Metrics like SUS (System Usability Scale), time on task, ratings and their averages are calculated automatically. You can export all of this data to create your reports quickly and easily, so you have more time to generate insights and propose solutions.

Test Summary

Test summary

After you setup your test, you get a clear summary of all your test settings which you can print and share with your team for final tweaking and approval.

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