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No subscription or monthly fees

No subscription or monthly fees

Unlike most other user testing tools, no expensive subscription is needed for Userfeel, with no monthly fees. Just pay as you go, from just $30 per user test. Our clients love the flexbility and convenience of this!

Test in over 40 languages


Choose from many demographics



テストチームをフィルタリングする詳細な調査票の質問を使用することが出来ます。 例えば、テスターがお客様の業界の製品を最近購入したかどうかを尋ねる調査票を作成し、購入者にだけテストを行っていただくということが出来ます。

Unmoderated or moderated

We offer both types of user testing. You can get quick feedback from unmoderated user testing, and also get detailed feedback from live moderated user testing. Learn the differences between these two types.

Over 150K high-quality testers

Over 150K high-quality testers

We offer 150K+ user testers from over 40 countries who are screened with our qualification tests to ensure the highest quality, and we have strict native language requirements. We also offer free and fast replacement of any tests that you are not happy with. Learn More.

Use your own testers


We offer 60 minutes per tester for $30 (many tools only give 20 minutes). We provide you with a special link to send to your testers and we include scheduling tools. No registration is required for you users. We can also include compensation for them if you move your testers to our testing panel - this also ensures your testers get screened for highest quality.


You can discover bugs and your user's issues on any device. You can test your website on desktop, mobile or tablet, or test your app on mobile or tablet. Simply choose the amount of tests you want on each device.

Tasks, ratings and questions


Video clips and notes

Add insights and comments to your test session video by adding video clips and notes. These can then be easily shared with team members, exported to excel, and also added to highlight videos.





Userfeel.comはGoogleスピーチAPI を使用し全ての言語の自動音声入力をサポートしています!トランスクリプト内で検索することが出来、文章をクリックすると動画内の特定の時点に飛ぶこともできます。

Get your websites usability scale

SUS ratings

SUS (System Usability Scale) は、10項目のアンケートを通じて計算された、Webサイトの知覚されたユーザビリティを反映する0〜100の数値です。

Userfeelを介して実行するテストセッションごとに、このメトリックを受け取ります。 これにより、WebサイトのSUSレーティングが時間の経過とともにどのように変化するかを測定し、ユーザーが完了するのに苦労したテストセッションを見つけることができます。

Invite team members into your project




User test quality guarantee

We offer free and fast replacement of any tests you aren't happy with. This ensures you get the highest quality user testing results.

Start your user tests today and get better feedback

Create user tests using a better tool. No monthly fees. No credit card required to start.

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