How to write your screener questions

Screener questions

When setting up your usability test, you can define your users' demographic profile (country, language, gender, age, and computer literacy), but you can also set screener questions to filter further and ensure the right users take your test.

You can have as many screener questions as you want. Keep in mind though, that if you set too strict of criteria there may not be enough testers to take your test.

Setting up a screener question is easy. You simply enter a question to be asked to users before taking the test and set the possible answers they have to select from. If they choose an option that you have set as "ACCEPT", they are allowed to take the test. If they choose an option that you have set as "REJECT", they get rejected.

Since users want to take tests, they may be tempted to guess the acceptable options, so you have to setup your questions in a way that does not reveal what you are looking for.

In addition, you should always add an "OTHER" option to the possible answers, because there will most likely be situations that are not covered by the options that you have set. The "OTHER" option should reject users.

If you need help or are unsure about your screener questions, feel free to contact us.