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您的键盘快捷键非常好且易于使用。我特别发现空格键、a 和 shift+左箭头的组合有助于放置注释。我还使用 shift+向上/向下箭头进行速度控制。在查看和注释视频时将手放在键盘上是至关重要的。任何让我在该过程中使用鼠标的东西都感觉效率低下且缓慢。"

-Taylor Dewey

User Experience Director, 10up


"Userfeel is great! It allows us to get quick and helpful feedback on new concepts. It's easy to use and the support is great."

-Tristan Le Breton

Product Designer & Art Director, 99designs


"Userfeel is awesome! Out of the 4 tests I had done, the 1st one was not helpful (guy just basically read back what was on my site). But the other 3 were super insightful. Very very valuable And honestly I researched a few, and I think you guys have the best offering on the market for user testing. The others are too cumbersome, require monthly packages etc."

-Alex Jones

Manager, Punta Cana Hero


"We all know websites like Usertesting. Great, but I don't need/want a subscription service and I'm not "enterprise".

我最近从 www.userfeel.com 的人那里订购了一些网站测试(针对远程用户和我自己的本地测试人员)。希腊的一小群设计师/开发人员。他们真的花时间帮助并提供优质的服务。无需订阅 ;-) 我对支持水平感到非常惊讶,并且很想分享!"

-Marco Kramer

Usability Researcher, IMAGA



-Harry Vangberg

Chief Product Officer, Relatel


"想向您发送一个简短的说明,我认为分析功能非常好且易于使用 :)"

-Leslie Mohn

Director, User Experience Architecture, Hanson Inc.


"您的平台似乎对所有人来说都是一次很棒的体验。非常感谢您的个人关注,并期待很快再次使用 Userfeel!"

-Samantha Meazell

Senior User Experience Researcher, Slide UX

Slide UX

"Userfeel offers an amazing service through both their product and customer support. It's the perfect tool for smaller teams just getting started with regular testing but might not be ready to sign up for a big enterprise package. We are a lean, fast moving startup team working through a redesign and were able to easily configure the testing we needed, find testers, and have our results in less than 24 hrs. Will be using it again!"

-Terralynn Forsyth

Head of Product, FutureFit AI





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