Expert User Test Details

To offer these we have partnered with Rich Page, who has 15 years experience in CRO and UX, and he has done 100's of these expert reviews.

He reviews your website in this 30-minute expert user test and suggests high-impact improvements for increasing your conversion rate and improving your user experience.

What does the expert user test cover?

Rich reviews key things on your website like headlines, call-to-actions, unique value proposition, navigation, imagery, credibility, and more, and he includes your key pages, including homepage, category page, product or service pages, cart and checkout (depending on your type of website).

Why get an expert user test?

While it's important to get feedback from your target audience, getting a user test from an expert in CRO and UX is the fastest way of gaining high-impact website improvement ideas. Launching these expert ideas often result in much higher conversion rates and revenue from your website. Baymard Institute, CXL and SiteTuners offer similar reviews too, but for a far greater cost.

How does the expert user test work?

t works similar to ordering regular user tests, but instead of choosing testers using demographics and creating tasks for them to respond to, Rich does an 30-minute expert user test for you on desktop. Simply create a new test, choose 'Expert user test' as the test type, and state the website you want him to review. No need to create tasks, as he reviews your website using his success model.

After you order, Rich then does the expert user test within 2 business days, and you get the video with his recommendations. You can then create notes and highlight reels from it to share with others (just like with our regular user tests).

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