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150,000 Qualified testers from all over the world

You can rely on Userfeel to find your exact target audience, and be confident that our testers are of the highest quality possible.

Our testers are screened and continually rated to ensure highest quality

Every tester joining our panel is screened based on a qualification user test. This is checked our team of real people - not robots like other tools! We check their language quality, how good their pronunciation is (so you can understand them easily), and their audio quality and background noise. Then our continual five-star test rating system ensures only the highest quality testers remain in our panel.

Not just USA, Canada and United Kingdom! We also have testers from 40+ other countries

Our panel of over 150K+ user testers is from over 40 countries including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. We even have testers from countries like India, Japan and China. For non-English speaking countries, user testers can often also speak English in addition to their countries language, so you can do bilingual user tests.

Our testers can't cheat answers to screener questions (unlike other tools)

We know a major problem with other tools is testers answering screener questions multiple times until they get the answer that accepts them - this means they won't actually be your target audience. Not with Userfeel! If our tester gets rejected by a screener question, we log their response and we do not show that test again to that tester. So he is not able to guess the answer by doing it several times - they only get one chance.

Our user testers can be targeted by these demographics

To ensure you get results from your target audience, we currently offer these types of demographics to choose from. These are all included as standard, with no hidden upgrade fees that other testing tools often charge!

  • Gender (Male or Female)
  • Age (from 18-100)
  • Country (Choose from over 40 countries)
  • Language (Choose from over 40 languages)
  • Level of web expertise (regular user, power user or web expert)

More demographics will be added very soon, but in the meantime, use screener questions to get even more specific with your targeting.

User test quality guarantee

We offer free and fast replacement of any tests you aren't happy with. This ensures you get the highest quality user testing results. For example, if there is a problem with a tester's video or audio, or they don't answer all your tasks, we will replace it for free as soon as possible.

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