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How Does Userfeel Compare To Other Popular UX Testing Tools?

No subscription needed
Cost of subscription plan
Cost per tester with full features included
Multilingual user tester panel
Bring your own testers
Advanced demographics
Preguntas de cribado ilimitadas
Unmoderated and Moderated User Tests
Video highlight reels
Audio transcript
40 Languages
From $20,000/year billed annually
No tester cost but subscription needed
From $6,000/year billed annually
$15/tester plus subscription needed
Only on $12,000 per year plan
Only on $12,000 per year plan
Only when paying for 50 testers
Only when paying for 50 testers
Only when paying for 50 testers
Only when paying for 50 testers
Only when paying for 50 testers

No subscription needed and unlimited screener questions included - unlike other tools!


Simply pay per user test from our panel of more than 150,000 testers speaking 40 languages. Set up screener questions and demographics to ensure they match your target audience.

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Do you really know your users & and their issues?

Userfeel makes it easy to discover the issues, doubts, hesitations and needs of your target audience. Not just bug fixes.
Watch examples of what UX testing with our tool reveals: Userfeel.com
English user test on desktop
Simulate an online purchase from asos.com
English user test on desktop
Perform a usability test on Hertz's online booking experience.
Mimi Hearing Technologies
English app user test on iPhone
Test an iPhone application using tester's own device.
Unbound Merino
English moderated test on desktop
Moderated testing recording the reactions of the tester.
St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School
English user test on mobile
Performing a general impressions test to a school's website.
DH Marketing
Brazilian user test on desktop
Swedish user test on desktop
Media Markt
Polish user test on mobile

What’s included for every user test

We give you everything you need to successfully create and analyze your user tests


Recruitment of user testers matching the demographics and screener questions you request
Video Recording


Video recording of user tester completing questions and tasks on your website, app or prototype
Audio of user


Audio of user tester in the video recording, voice transcript, ‘system usability scale’ rating and test summary


The ability to add annotations and share highlight videos with your team


Userfeel has advanced features without needing an expensive subscription.

Obtén tus resultados en menos de 24 horas. Utiliza nuestra amplia red de probadores en todo el mundo. Mira cómo usuarios reales interactúan con tu sitio web o aplicación desde las primeras fases del diseño/toma de decisiones y en cualquier momento en que necesites obtener el punto de vista del usuario.
To ensure you get feedback from user testers that exactly match your target audience, we offer the ability to choose demographics (age, gender, location, language and level of web experience), and screener questions to get specific with your needs (for example if you only want users who have purchased shoes online before)
Organiza tus pruebas ordenadamente en proyectos, y añade tantos compañeros de equipo como necesites a cada proyecto. Cada miembro del equipo puede agregar anotaciones en los vídeos y categorizar problemas encontrados según su tipo (problemas de usabilidad, errores, observaciones generales, o comentarios del usuario).
La mejor manera de presentar los resultados de los estudios de usabilidad a tu equipo y obtener su aprobación es crear un vídeo de momentos destacados que muestre los puntos más relevantes. Userfeel te ayuda a crear este vídeo en minutos en lugar de horas. El vídeo puede descargarse localmente o subirse automáticamente a tu cuenta de YouTube como oculto, listo para compartir.

Our Clients Love Userfeel

Why do UX testing?

  • It helps you discover your users issues, frustrations, doubts, needs and desires. Knowing this helps form high-impact ideas for improving your website usability, conversion rates and revenue.
  • It helps you discover bugs that you didn’t know had on desktop and mobile, and on different browser types. Fixing these bugs quickly helps you reduce exits and increase conversion rates.

Userfeel vs. Heatmaps

Heatmaps show you where users click and what attracts their attention, they don't show you WHY though. UX testing, on the other hand, shows you WHY they get attracted, what they expect when they click, and what confuses them.


Userfeel vs. A/B Testing

Userfeel allows you to find real users' problems and develop informed hypotheses in order to run more focused and targeted A/B tests. So, UX testing precedes a/b testing.


¿Cuántas pruebas de usabilidad debería hacer?

Los gurús de usabilidad sugieren que realizar 5 pruebas por tipo de dispositivo (ordenador, móvil y tablet) es suficiente para revelar alrededor del 80% de los problemas existentes en cualquier sitio web en cualquier momento dado y para un escenario de prueba en particular.


Average percentage of problems solved

Based on a Nielsen Norman Group study.

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